How to remove a tag from a person’s record in Intercom using Nodejs.

Jan 21, 2022


  1. Setup Intercom
  2. Setup Project File
  3. Setup NodeJS
  4. Result

1. Setup Intercom


2. Setup Project File

a. Create a folder.

b. Open the folder with VSCode.

Open with code.

c. Open new terminal.

3. Setup NodeJS

a. Initialise your project.

npm init

b. Install intercom-client package via npm

npm add intercom-client

c. Create a index.js file.

d. Initialise Intercom in your code.

var Intercom = require('intercom-client');

e. Initialise client. Get your Intercom token here.

var client = new Intercom.Client({ token: 'YOUR_TOKEN_HERE'});

f. Add headers.

client.useRequestOpts({     headers: {'Intercom-Version': 1.2}});

g. Remove a particular tag from a person’s record by having the person’s email as a reference.

name: "TAG_NAME",
users: [{
}] });